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6 December 2016 

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Alpha symbol Billington Export Ltd - UK's leading supplier of electronic tubes & valves

• CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY– We close early on Friday December 23 and open again on January 3, 2017.

• Last day for parcel despatch in 2016, is Thursday December 22.

• Small parcels. FIXED orders by FRIDAY DECEMBER 16 please. We need time for proper testing, boxes etc. No questions or changes after December 16, if you need a small parcel sent in 2016.

• Big parcels. FIXED orders by Friday DECEMBER 9 please. No questions or changes after December 9, if you need big parcels sent in 2016.

• A big parcel means an order over 50 pieces.

• Orders received after these dates will be sent as early as possible in January 2017.

• Best wishes for Christmas and a peaceful prosperous new year.

33.3% Discount for online orders over £360

Welcome to our website

Billington Export Ltd are one of the largest valve and tube dealers in West Europe, holding approximately 1 million valves stored at two sites totalling 11,000 sq. ft.

We are primarily a trade supplier, but we are glad to supply anyone subject to a minimum order. Click here for minimum order information. Our pricing structure is designed for this purpose. We have been established for over 30 years (click here to view our history). Our aim for 2014 and beyond is to improve the quality of goods and services that we offer to our customers whilst also endeavouring to maintain competitive prices and a greater stock range of valves and valve sockets, as well as certain transformers and other products.

Goods in our new retail section of the website now qualify for a 33.33% discount if the net value of an order exceeds £360.00.

NOS Electronic valves and vacuum tubes, made in England, USA etc.

Large quantities of Chinese tested guaranteed valves and sockets.

Friendly service. For information on any item listed phone UK 01403 784961, Monday to Friday.

Brands in stock include Billington gold , Brimar, Bugle boy (Amperex), EEV, GE, GEC, Mazda, Mullard, Marconi, Philips, Psvane Raytheon, RCA, STC, Siemens, Sylvania Telefunken, Thomson, Tungsram and many others.

Photos and datasheets

Based in the UK, we export electronic tubes and valves around the globe

Our stock of One Million Valves and Tubes contains the following types:

  • Audio valves
  • Camera tubes
  • CV types
  • Industrial
  • Ignitrons
  • Klystrons
  • Magnetrons
  • Military valves
  • Television tubes
  • Thyratrons
  • Trigatrons
  • Transmitter Valves
  • TR Cells
  • Photomultipliers
  • Travelling Wave Tubes
  • RF Heating Valves

Chinese, Russian and EI (former Yugoslavia) Valves - All types available, please dowload or view our stock list.

These pages give only brief information, should you require any further details regarding any type not listed please do not hesitate to contact us

We have a constantly moving stock and new items are always becoming available. Many other audio valves in stock, please enquire as stock changes daily.

Buy electronic tubes and valves here online
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 We stock Audio Valves by:

GEC       Mullard       RCA


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